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The future of Malaysian Golf is more than just about skill or talent, it is a shared passion for the sport that drives each player to compete and improve among each other.

Who We Are

Golf Classic Champion (GCC) is dedicated at bringing Malaysian Golf to the international stage, nurturing the talent found in our youth and local scene to reach the pinnacle of golf tournaments – the PGA Tour.

Located at Iskandar, Malaysia, our state-of-the art Indoor Golf facility is equipped with a comprehensive simulation system.

Explore Our Equipments

With the use of Greenjoy Q9 Pro Indoor Golf’s system, players’ abilities will be intricately tracked while setting the perfect conducive environment for you to train under the ideal conditions.

Greenjoy Q9 Pro

Greenjoy Q9 Pro’s system is fitted with robust software that guarantees a seamless experience as golfers choose over 130 18-hole 3D courses. Using a frontal high frame camera, it captures every swing and recreates it with artificial intelligence - analysing the strength of the swing, putt or stroke.

Greenjoy A6 Max

A6 Max is equipped with the powerful GREENJOY professional version V1.0 software system, which integrates years of independent research and development strength, and presents you with the batting experience like being in a real stadium. It supports four language modes: Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English.


An all-new generation GOLFJOY S95 comes with a true 4k ultra-clear 60-frame cinema-level output display, the 1:1 restored 3D stadium can be perfectly displayed. Through the screen, you can feel the temperature and humidity of the golf course, the accuracy of the trajectory, and the exquisite details everywhere.

Use the most advanced equipment and enjoy the best quality tutorials.

At Golf Classic Champion, we provide an all-rounded coaching and recreational experience, so come on down and take the next step in your golfing journey today!


We crafted a suite of VIP rooms for your conversational pleasures. We provide absolute privacy so you can be at your most comfortable.


We have equipped each room with a variety of recreational activities, allow you a leisurely paradise alongside your golfing time.

Explore Our Facilities

Refresh, Redefine & Reconnect

Relationships are built to last. With efforts to keep the connections going and special moments to enjoy together, they’re made to last even longer.

GCC has crafted a suite of VIP rooms for your conversational pleasures. We provide absolute privacy so you can be at your most comfortable. Each VIP suite is equipped with a variety of recreational facilities like VR games and karaoke machines, offering you a leisurely paradise to pass time alongside your golfing game time.

Whether you play for keeps, just for fun or not enough, at GCC you can experience golf like never before. Improve your game or compete with your golf partner with our state-of-the-art golf simulators. No other sport in the world encourages both competitiveness and casual socialization as much as golf does. The perfect place to host a corporate event, business networking, private party, an outing with friends or family bonding, GCC is your one-stop entertainment hub to reconnect with friends & family, share new experiences and spark business conversations.

Guaranteed Fun-Filled Experience for All Ages, No Experience Needed!

Our indoor venue is equipped with industry-leading Greenjoy Q9 Pro golf system and an open bay lounge that delivers an experience that’s fun no matter the occasion. With the use of Greenjoy Q9 Pro Indoor Golf system, expect accurate real-time feedback, video swing analysis, and explicitly analyzed club & ball data after every shot. No experience is needed for this fun yet recreational activity!

At GCC, it’s where virtual golf leads to real connections. Kick back in our lounge to enjoy a chill time. Start a conversation with a boost of refreshments once you start the rounds. The weather is always perfect while you play golf, watch sports, eat and drink with your friends. Let’s organise a tee time at GCC now!

Level Up Your Golf Performance With GCC Customised Club Fitting

GCC aims to fit every club to your unique needs in order to help you play to your absolute potential. With advanced indoor golf simulator technology that set the industry standards, the golf system will meticulously analyze your swing, putting and strokes.

Armed with your swing and stroke data, our fitting professional will analyse your current setup and suggest the best path forward to maximize the effects of your hitting motion.

Make a strike at the hitting bay to see if your golf club delivers the regular results. This creates a benchmark of how well they perform, which you can see for yourself on the computer and make a comparison before and after fitting the club. Take your game to the next level with our professional club fitting service and advanced technology using video analysis.

Putting is often overlooked by weekend golfers, but the best golfers know the truth!

Better putting leads to better scoring, better scoring leads to more enjoyment on the golf course. At GCC, we will combine all your personalized golfing statistics and provide you with better guidance from the golf coach. Putting is the basics for all golfers, it’s the core technique to improve your short games. Bring your golf game to the next level on this indoor putting green and our golf simulator.

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